Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Windows to the soul 灵魂之窗

Immediately a day after coming home, I went for my eyes check up this morning.

Doctor through precision lenses, looked into my left eye and said everything is OK.

I have forgotten to ask her: " Is my soul OK?". (Eyes are windows to your soul ).

I put up this post to remind all of you my friends .... Besides looking after your soul, please check out your eyes too because THIS COULD HAPPEN TO ANYONE !

And to all well wishers, especially my God grand-daughter Olivia, Ye Ye is OK and Thank You to you all !



我忘记问医生:“我的灵魂状况如何?” (眼睛是灵魂之窗)


我也要感谢那些关心朋友的问候,特别是我的哎呀乾孙Olivia 。。。爷爷的眼睛没大碍了,谢谢你们!

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