Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Goal ! 成功了!

A brave girl has finally achieved her goal. Jenny Yap received her Bachelor degree on 20/10/2011 at a UNITAR convocation held at Putrajaya International Convention Center, witnessed by her proud parents, Agnes and Paul.

Congratulations to Jenny and parents. May you draw strength on this milestone achievement and looking forward to a happy and rewarding life ahead.

God bless you all !

一个勇敢的女孩,终于达到了目标。 叶俐雯在20/10/2011,于布城国际会议中心举行的敦拉萨大学毕业典礼上,领取了她的学士文凭。她的父母在场见证了这个深具意义的典礼。




Agnes C said...

真的是感谢主的助佑与安排,这次在KL一切都非常顺利,俐雯拿到1st Class Hons Degree.超乎我们的想象,她从未接触过的可兰经都拿到A,共5个A。西满兄弟,谢谢你的鼓励,还有汶莱的安东尼兄弟,我对你们致万二分的谢意。

Pauline said...

Congrats to you Jenny. After going through so much of sufferings you have succeeded. Wishing you more success in your career and wel-being. May God bless you and your parents for the sacrifices made.