Thursday, November 3, 2011

Transformation 转型,转心

"The dictionaries of this country has no such word SHAME, it dies long ago..." This is a song made famous by The Malaysia Cheater.

The Auditor-General's report has highlighted many irregularities, and 9 ministries or departments overspent by RM 3.75 billions. I would like to mention two departments only....

The National Sports Institute acquired 23 horses worth RM5.66 million, without the approval of the Finance Ministry, supposedly to compete in two international championship. The horses remained idle and continue to be fed because some of them either received inadequate training, or sustained injuries or failed the requirement of the competition.

In reply, the Treasury said that the institute has admitted its wrongdoing and promised not to do it again .... good boy, admit your wrong and say sorry ... forgiven!

The Marine Parks Department paid RM56,350.00 for a pair of night vision marine binoculars although the estimated market rate is RM1,940.00 (overpaid by 2,805%); paid RM16,100.00 for a LCD television and DVD player although market valued at RM2,182.00 (overpaid by 638%); paid RM11,845.00 for a laptop and a printer although their market price was RM3.428.00 (overpaid by 246%).

In an unprecedented speed and efficiency, the MACC (Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission) came out with a statement on Nov 2 that the purchase of binoculars contained no element of corruption, it was merely technicality - no market survay was conducted to find out the actual price! UNBELIEVABLE!

Since 2004, people were paying attention to the irregularities found in the AG report, and demanded the government to punish the culprits; and in 2009, Najib has promised to do so followed the many irregularities found in AG report that year. Until today, no one has been prosecuted ... no even received any blame ...

In the Land of Boleh (can do) where the dead can vote, living can go missing, the most popular word now is "Transformation". The government, the Prime Minister spent millions to engage image consultants to burnish their image in order to win votes.

Transformation through giving out money, distributing money and spending money, at best, resulted in the transformation of exterior image only, nothing in the transformation of HEART!

A heart that knowing no shame, has been formed by corruption and immorality into a heart of stone and has lost the basic sense of normality of decency!

But we shall not give up hope!

In the Land of Boleh, the Name of the Almighty is being uttered by every person (including the shameless), and be heard everywhere. So ... let us turn to God the Almighty, pray to him to give us strength to transform our hearts, a heart of flesh and be filled with moral and decency...

" I will give them a single heart and I will put a new spirit in them; I will remove the heart of stone from their bodies and give them a heart of flesh instead, so that they will keep my laws and respect my observances and put them into practice. Then they shall be my people and I will be their God..." (Ezekiel 11:19)

As a citizen of this land, expecting a 10 cents discount on a kilogram of vegetable; rejoice in a 20 cents discount on a kilogram of Rambutan fruits; a worker who almost lost the job because of extra Rm100.00 on company purchases, is feeling pain and angry on billions of Ringgit lost ....

It must be translated into action, no by others but myself (ourselves) ... We Want a Transformation of Heart !

So Undilah Untuk Malaysia Vote for Malaysia!

Voting for the Chinese
character of the Year:

“这国家的字典里,没有羞耻,因为廉义早已死去 。。。。。” 这是马来西亚只会千 的成名曲。

2010年国家总稽查司报告,许多政府部门的财政出现很多弊端, 九个部门总共超支了马币三十七亿元,其中有好多项目非常显眼的“离谱”极了。只谈一两个部门。。。

国家体育学院在没有获得财政部批准下,花了马币五百六十万买了23头马,以用了参加两项马术比赛 。。。最终这些马儿只会吃草,不会跑,所以就没有参赛了。财政部报告说,它们(我不是指马,是指这些购买的人)知错而又认错,答应以后不会再犯,就这样没事没事了。。。

海洋公园局以马币RM 56,350.00购买市价约马币RM1,940。00的夜视海事双筒望远镜 (差额2,805%);马币RM 16,100.00 购买市价马币RM2,827.00的晶体电视机及DVD放映机(超额628%); 以马币RM11,845.00 来购买市价马币RM2,182.00 的一架手提电脑及一架打印机(超额266%)。



在『万事都能』,死人会投票,活人会失踪的国度里,时下最流行的一个名词是“转型”(贪腐莫熄 Transformation或者马来语Transformasi )。这个国家的政府,这个国家的首相,不惜斥巨资,请来了外国形象公司,就是要来个改头换面,以一个新形象来赢取选票。

以派钱,给钱,分钱及花钱 ($)来转型的政府,终究也只是外型而已,却没有丝毫的“转心”!





作为一名普罗大众的国民,买一公斤菜都想便宜一角钱;买一公斤红毛丹能够获得减价两角钱就雀跃的人;为公司采购物超额一百元,几乎给老板炒鱿鱼的员工,对亿万元的损失,当然心痛 了。。。。。。。


马上行动: Undilah Untuk Malaysia 为了马来西亚,投票吧!


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