Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mr.Bean 豆先生

Mr. Voral a.k.a Mr Bean

It was cloudy and slight drizzling this morning, so we stopped by the riverbank during our morning walk and chatted with Mr. Bean ... whom we fondly called "Ayah".

He greeted us from afar .... and called out to me warmly " Saimont"

His house is by the riverside. He put in hard work, cleared a strip of riverbank and planted some flat beans.

It keeps him busy and healthy, plus some income from the sale of beans, and also keeping the river banks clean and green.

He is 80 years old, with many children and grandchildren.

I feel a sense of peace and joy whenever see his warm smile and the green green beans!

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今天早上阴天及微雨。早上步行中,在河边停下,与我们常亲切称呼他“ayah" 的『豆先生』谈天。





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