Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Taipei 2011 台北 (5)

It was the last time we will be seeing Sr. Marie Aimee of our trip.

Taipei was raining ...wet and cold. We went up the the hill of ShenKeng to visit Sr. Marie this morning and stayed with her for about five hours. We met Mother Superior of the Monastery and some other sisters, and invited to have lunch in the monastery.

We bid farewell to Sr. Marie and left at about 2:00pm.

Shenkeng is famous for its stinky Tofu (fermented smelly tofu), so we made a brief stop at the town to sample this local snack.

In the evening, we had dinner in a Chinese Restaurant with Cindy, Sr. Angela Liao and driver Mr. Lee. The Sozhou & Hangzhou food were delicious.

This is the last night of our trip to Taipei, so after dinner, it is packing time..... (see more pictures in Facebook)






今晚是我们此行的最后一晚,所以晚餐后,就会在酒店收拾行李了。 (Facebook 更多照片

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