Thursday, November 10, 2011

Taipei 2011 台北 (6)

Bye Bye 再见

Goodbye Taipei ... Goodbye Your Grace....

We thought Autumn in Taipei would be cooling and hoped to enjoy a few cool and refreshing days there. We brought thick jacket too.

The next day after our arrival was “bloody” hot (as the British would say), then continuously rained for the next few days. However, we were blessed to complete our trip with perfection and great satisfaction without disruption.

Today being the last day, we packed our luggage and headed to Archbishop Chancery for lunch. The lunch was surely delicious (see pic in Facebook).

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to His Grace Archbishop Hung for his kindness and generosity; to Cindy and Sr. Angela Yang for their great company, time and effort they have put in to plan our itinerary; to Mr. Lee, Archbishop’s personal driver who was constantly alert and attentive to our needs and making our trip very comfortable and enjoyable.

After lunch, we bid them farewell… adios, until we meet again!

The MAS flight home was delayed for 70 minutes due to Taipei airport traffic condition, nonetheless the plane landed safely at KLIA at 9:30 pm and we were safely home at 11:00 pm.

Glory and Praise to God. (See more pictures in Facebook)




今天是在台北的最后一天。行李收拾后,离开酒店,往总主教公署“要饭”去了。总主教公署的午餐,的确是美味极了- 食物好吃,很多伙伴一起吃,这就是美味的食谱了!



六天的行程,探望了深坑隐修院的杨修女,加上观光及品尝美食,这一切都归功天主,愿主名受显扬! <更多照片Facebook>

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