Sunday, November 6, 2011

Taipei 2011 台北 (2)

We attended 8:00 Mass at the Holy Trinity Church in front of our hotel.

Before dismissal, names of parishioners who were born in November were called out, birthday cards were presented by the Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Dennis Yang, and then lined up for his blessing ... all in 25 of them, young and old, and took about 20 minutes!

It was first time for me to see such a wonderful event. And to my opinion, it was made possible:
1. Not so big a parish community,
2. Patience and cooperation of parishioners,
3. Dynamic priest.

we were also being welcomed by the parish priest as a first timer to the church. A microphone was giving for us to introduce ourselves. Later, we were invited to the birthday reception held immediately after Mass.

After breakfast, we left for the Carmelite Monastery in Shenkeng to visit Sr. Marie Yong, the main purpose of this Taipei trip.

After almost 10 years, my wife met with Sr. Marie for the first time ! No dramatic emotion, no tearing but just holding of hands and greeting from Sr. Marie: " mommy! "

As for Blaise, our third traveling companion, it was also the first time after almost 8 years ... She sent Sr. Marie off to Taipei at the airport in 2004!

We spent almost 3 hours for catching ups... and left after lunch prepared by the Carmelite sisters.

It was hot in the afternoon and we decided to go to Taipei Zoo to see the Panda. The gift from Mainland China were sleeping coosyly in the air-conditioned enclosure specially built for them.

We have the rare occasion to see a Red Crowned Crane brought in from Japan.


在弥撒结束前,在十一月出生的教友的名字,不管老少,都被一一念了出来,从神父手中,接过生日贺卡,然后排列在祭台前,领受神父的特别祝福 。。。。总共25人,花了大约二十分钟。

这是我 第一次见到这么奇妙的事!以我所见,该堂区可以这样做,其因有:

1. 堂区团体不是很大,
2. 教友的耐心及合作精神,
3. 有活力的神父。








From left: Mr. Lee and Sr. Angela Liao
左起: 李先生和廖修女

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