Monday, November 7, 2011

Taipei 2011 台北 (3)

Today is a holy day - visits to holy places!

We visited Sr. Marie Yong again this morning ... chatting and sharing....and no ending! We have to leave for Archbishop's office for lunch at noon.

Finally, we met up with Cindy, Archbishop's secretary who arranged our itinerary. She just came back on Sunday from her home town in central Taiwan.

It was heart warming to see Archbishop's office staff, priests and Sister to have lunch (daily) together with Archbishop... a family lunch.

At about 1:45pm, we followed Archbishop to Wufengchi Apparition of our Lady Church, at Jiaoxi town, Yilan, about an hour's drive from Taipei. He was to celebrate with the community marking the 6th anniversary of the opening of the Apparition church.

The church was built on the site marked the apparition of a lady in dazzling white appeared to five non-Christian mountain climbers, who got lost on the way down the mountain one dark night in 1981. They believed it was the Lady who protected them to safety. They later realized who she was when they passed by a Catholic Church and saw a statue of Mary.

The church was backed by mountain, facing the pacific ocean. The famous Wufengchi waterfall was just nearby, and the gushing water sound can be heard clearing.

I have heard about the apparation and the church, and wanted to pay a visit some day...and it was TODAY with God's blessing, without prior planning and knowledge of such a celebration .... my wish fulfilled!!

What a holy day is was. AMEN. ( see Facebook for more pictures)

今天是圣洁的一天 --- 探访了圣洁的地方!


总主教公署的午餐是件家庭的事 - 大锅饭!主教府的全体员工,神父们,修女们,会与总主教共进午餐。 见到全体一起吃饭,非常令我感动及温馨。





多么圣洁的一天!阿门。 看面子书Facebook更多照片

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