Sunday, December 11, 2011

A.G.R 2011 常年联欢大会

Fr. Stanislaus (left) & Fr. Andrew Wong

A year is almost gone, it's time for the legionaries to sit back and relax ...

The Kuala Lumpur Regia (highest council in Peninsular Malaysia) held its Annual General Reunion (AGR) today at the church hall of St. Joseph's Church, Sentul, Kuala Lumpur.

About 600 legionaries of various languages from Klang Valley area attended the function.

Fr. Stanislaus, the Parish Priest of St. Joseph's Church welcomed legionaries to his parish. In his address, he highlighted 3 important characteristic of being a good legionaries:

1. Communion with the Church & community - Good relationship with people and community. Sacrament of Reconciliation is the powerful means to achieve this objective.
2. Communion with Jesus - Mass and Holy Eucharist
3. Communion with Mary - Praying the Rosary. Devotion to Mary will lead to closer communion with Jesus.

Newly ordained Rev. Fr. Andrew Wong came for this function too. He expressed his joy of meeting legionaries in this function. He quoted the life and good work of Frank Duff, the founder of Legion of Mary, to encourage and motivate legionaries to go for further advancement of their Callings.

AGR is an annual reunion of legionaries of a district. It is a social evening with minimum formality. It is light-hearted event to foster interaction and affection of members. All programmes are contributions from members.

Filipino legionaries



吉隆坡区域团(西马最高部门)在今天,假吉隆坡冼都圣若瑟堂区礼堂主办了『常年联欢大会』 (A.G.R)。



1. 与教会共融 - 与个人及团体建立良好的关系。和好圣事是修好关系的最佳途径。
2. 与基督共融 - 参加弥撒,勤领圣体。
3. 与圣母共融 - 藉玫瑰经与圣母建立密切关系。与圣母的密切关系,是与耶稣建立亲密关系的管道。




84 岁圣诞婆婆
84 yrs old Santa Mama

(Forgot to bring camera. Handphone pictures, less satisfactory)

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