Monday, December 12, 2011

BEC outing BEC户外活动

On Dec 9 & 10, Sg Jelok BEC 1 organised an outing to The Farm. 43 of us went for this 2 days 1 night trip.

Among us, a lady member who is undergoing radiotherapy for her breast cancer. Immediately after her treatment session in a KL hospital, she followed her husband and children to the Farm. Before radiotherapy, she has already completed a course of chemotherapy.

She is a brave woman. Family support and her strong faith saw her through the torturous chemotherapy, and now radiotherapy. We are proud of her and pray to Jesus to protect her and give her the strength to complete yet another 20 session of painful radiotherapy treatment, and to the road of recovery.

Our BEC is not solely rooted on intellectual interaction (Bible sharing, monthly leaflet reflection) but more on person to person interaction, strengthened by family Rosary, love, mutual respect and acceptance of one and other.

BEC building has reached a bottle neck in recent years. It is stuck in the phase of holding Bibles and refection leaflets, month in month out, year in year out.... Hardly 20 % of them are active, more than 50% are dormant....

In our BEC, we have Ah Mahs who cannot read, and speak only broken Malay; Chinese elderly members who don't read and speak dialects only; many ladies and men who show no interest of Bible sharing and reflection papers sessions ....

Instead of holding Bibles and refection papers all the time, we are stretching our hands, reaching out for personal interaction, to build friendship and communion - with Jesus, people and the parish.

As one of our members put the spirit of BEC building in a prospective :" I brought my whole family here, for fellowship and interaction with other members of the community..." .

It is commitment and desire that build community, not intellectual and knowledge only.

It was a fun trip ...filled with songs, games, laughters .... and food !

More pictures in Facebook & Video at Youtube.

十二月九日及十日,加影双溪朱落第一基基团(基督基层团体BEC 1),于园庄渡假屋 The Farm主办了一项户外旅游。这两天一夜的活动,吸引了43位团员参与。




过去的几年,建设基基团,已经到了一个瓶颈,停留在手捧圣经及反省册子之间,一月复一月,一年复一年,在理论之中,徘徊及停滞不前。真正活跃的基基团,不到20 巴仙,而超过50巴仙,进入了静止状态。

建设基基团,在西马已经有三十多年的历史,也别无选择了。但据我本人的经验,基基团就如曹操丢掷的鸡肋,食之无味,弃之可惜 。。。三十多年了,但又没有更好的替代。月复一月,年复一年,问题一箩箩,都扫在地毯下。以集会次数,参加人数为准,报告写得好,数字搞一搞,一切看起来 。。。。都很好!


我们跳出了圈套,把手伸出,手拉手,一起走。。。建立个人关系,进而利用此平台发展共融 - 与基督,团体及堂区的共融。



我们的聚会,充满了歌唱,游戏及欢笑 。。。还有美味的食物!

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