Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Chirstmas gifts 圣诞礼物


1. 那里有许多中,英文宗教书籍。
2. 许多宗教物品,如十字架,态像等。



光仁服务中心的地址是: 7, Jln SS 25/23, Petaling Jaya. 电话: 03-78801303 (圣依纳爵教堂进门路口的对面)(看更多照片Facebook)

Have problem getting Christmas presents? Cahaya Puri Holdings Sdn Bhd at Petaling Jaya is an ideal place to go because:

1. Many religious books in Mandarin and English.
2. Religious items such as crosses, statues are available.

Today I went there to buy some very beautiful porcelain figurines as house decorations and gifts.

Cahaya Puri Holidings Sdn Bhd is a non-profit organisation founded by a group of laity catering specially for the needs of Mandarin speaking community. It core business is importation and distributions of Bibles, religious books and magazines from Taiwan and Hong Kong.

It is located at 7, Jln SS 25/23, Taman Plaza, Petaling Jaya. Tel: 03-78801303.(Opposite main entrance of St. Ignitius church).
(See more pics on Facebook)

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