Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Idiots a plenty

Read a current affair commentary recently about idiocy in Malaysia.

I looked up to Merriam-Webster dictionary, Idiocy means :
1. Extreme mental retardation;
2. Something notably stupid or foolish.

Part of the article below: (Source: Malaysiakini -Idiocy still rules, OK by Dean Johns)

Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad has told a gathering of diplomats and other foreigners that, due to scholarships and higher education, “there are hardly any idiots left in Malaysia” and that “this gives the government a headache”.

But from all the symptoms I see, the vast majority of Malaysians are as “slightly less intelligent” as Dr M and his Umno/BN colleagues could possibly wish them to be, and gibbering idiots are as plentiful as ever.

In fact Malaysia’s perennial epidemic of political idiocy continues to rage unchecked, with millions of apparently sentient adults still so intellectually or ideologically-impaired as to be somehow unable or unwilling to register to vote.

And even more Malaysians are so stupid or at least naive as to still swallow the overdoses of lies perpetually prescribed by Dr M and the rest of Umno/BN’s teams of spin-doctors, and forced down their throats day after day by the editors (ediots?) of the mainstream media.

Then there are those political figures who are ever ready to resort to idiocy, whether genuine or cunningly simulated to disguise rat-cunning, in attempts to dupe anyone feeble-minded enough to take them seriously.

Like Hasan Ali in his recent support of the claim by the Selangor Islamic Affairs Department that Christians are proselytising Muslims using “solar-powered hand-held talking bibles”.

Like Deputy Sports Minister Razali Ibrahim in his statement last week that the hostile reception given by Indonesian fans to Malaysian teams at the SEA Games in Jakarta was because “opposition leaders have been making a beeline for Indonesia to bad mouth our country”.

Like that serial offender in the idiocy stakes, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz, who recently outrageously proclaimed that “homosexuality goes against Islam, the religion of the federation of Malaysia, and its practice in the country is therefore unconstitutional”.


And the most idiotic performer of all, of course, is Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, who seems to be operating under the delusion that the whole world is full of dummies just dying to be deceived by his lying words and devious deeds.

Witness his promised ‘reforms’. The Printing Presses and Publications Act, for example, the very legislation designed to keep the Malaysian electorate as idiotic and ignorant as possible, will remain utterly unchanged save for the need to apply annually for a government license.

Then there is the ‘Improvement’ of Malaysia’s grossly unjust, unfair and outright corrupt electoral system to be ‘studied’ by a committee until, if possible, after the next general election.

Malaysia’s detested and disgraceful Internal Security Act is supposed to be ‘abolished’, but in practice seems set to be rendered an Eternal Security Act by new provisions for detention without charge or trial..........

In the Land of Boleh (Can do), there are idiots aplenty, shameless ... no such word SHAME in their dictionaries !

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