Tuesday, December 20, 2011

a day .... 一天.....

It is a sad day for me.

Visited two old folks this morning, both about 84 years old, at homes in KL and Petaling Jaya with my wife and friend Mrs Lee.

One is lively with plenty of care and love from children. She stays in a single room with air condition. Move about freely and actively.

The other one is sad, sunken and crying.....

After that, we went to Assunta Hospital to visit Fr. Henriot ... good news is ...he has been discharged and back to Little Sister of the Poor nursing home. Shall visit him in a later date.

Later in the afternoon, I received SMS from my nephew, his mother (my second sister) was admitted to Seremban General Hospital this morning for Gallbladder infection.

She was operated later and found to have a proliferated Gall Bladder with plenty of gallstones. Some complications ... half of the bladder has been removed, the other half was too dangerous to remove .... She is resting after operation.

According to my nephew, "...long road to recovery, but surely.... "

May our Lord bless them all.







过后,进行了手术,发现是胆发炎破裂。。。有点麻烦,医生只能够切除半个胆,另一半太靠近肝, 因风险高,而没有切除。手术过后,她在休息中。。。。




Mei said...

Is that Ah poh? :'( So sad. She looks SO frail now. She was so healthy before. Send her my hugs and kisses. I hope she is well. Hope you will be able to see her more often. If she's at Old folks home, can u not bring her home? This is too sad. Don't know what happened but she looks so,so, so, so frail compared to before I left.

Simon Phun said...

Ya...hope you can see her when come back...and she still survives..