Thursday, December 1, 2011

German visitor 德国访客

Nov 29. 5:00 pm.

On board a flight from Vientian, Laos to Kuala Lumpur, an Malaysian passenger was coming home after a holiday in Laos, struck a conversation with a German who continued his Asian holiday after Laos.

Both were stranger to each other, and their meeting each other on board a plane was one in a million.

" Mr. Lee, which city in Malaysia you are staying in?"

" I am staying in Kajang..."

" ah ha ... I would be going to Kajang to visit a friend .... her name? Pauline..."

"... Pauline ... Pauline ...and German Embassy ..... Ah! I remembered of my wife's good friends named Pauline too ....."

Two hours Kuala Lumpur airport.

" Hi Pauline, Lee here. Do you have a German friend Mr. Eilers ....?"

The world is not a big place after all!!!

Today, at about 10:30am, we welcomed Mr. Eilers to our home.

Mr. Eilers was former Chancellor of the German Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, then Pauline's immediate boss.

He left Kuala Lumpur in 2004 for a new posting in Iceland. He is now retired.

He is back to this region on holiday after 7 years which covers Laos, Singapore, Sarawak (Mulu Caves), Kuala Lumpur, Cameron Highlands,Melaka and Penang.

My wife has a lot of catching up with Mr. Eilers.

We accompanied him for a Putrajaya visit and he left for Kuala Lumpur after lunch. (More pictures in Facebook)






" Pauline。。。Pauline。。。德国大使馆。。。喔我想起了。我太太有位好朋友,名字也叫Pauline。。。”


“嗨 Pauline, 我是李先生,请问你有一位德国朋友艾肋斯先生吗?”



艾肋斯先生(Mr. Eilers)是前任吉隆坡德国大使馆的总监,是太太当时的上司。



太太与他谈了好多个别及相识们的生活近况。过后,我们陪他到布城 (Putrajaya) 观光。在2004年他离开时,布城还没有全部开发。

在加影用过午餐后,离开回去吉隆坡。 (更多照片Facebook )

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