Friday, December 2, 2011

Kajang town flooding 加影市区淹水

My opposite neighbour (water later reached the car porch, into the house)

It rained heavily at about 3:45 pm.

I saw the water level at the drain in front of my house was high ... within 10 minutes, it overflowed and flooded the road.

My neighbours were rushing to drive out their cars from the houses....

It is one of the worst flood in recent years in Kajang area.

I learned that the town was inundated with a meter deep of water.

My house on a higher ground, not affected inside.


我见到屋前水沟的水位很高 。。。不到十分钟,水沟满溢,大路给水覆盖了。




Kajang town (market) 加影市区(巴刹)
(picture from the net)

More pictures in FACEBOOK 更多照片

Video link to see Kajang flood

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