Monday, February 20, 2012

Died in action 鞠躬尽瘁

Kuching 2011. Angela seated middle.
摄于2011 古晋交流会。左起:傅玉兰,刘玉伙,盘二妹

In memory of a gallant legionary who died in action, for the glory of the Kingdom until the last.

Angela Patricia Low (front seated middle) died on 13-2-2012 of a heart failure.

On Sunday 5-2-2012, she was attending a legion Curia meeting at the Holy Rosary Church Kuala Lumpur. She was feeling not well half way through the meeting and was sent home by other members. Later, she was admitted her into National Heart Institution (IJN).

It was confirmed that she was suffering from artery blockage and Angioplasty was scheduled on 13-2-2013.

On the fateful day, she was quite normal and was wheeled into OT for the procedure. However, before commencement of Angioplatry, her heart stopped. Despite vigorous resuscitation, she died at the age of 78, leaving behind 6 children and 22 grandchildren.

The doctors were rather taken aback by such rare occurrence. However, it was told that Angela prayed constantly for a good death, without any operation, or artificial prolongation of life which may cause hardship to family. God answer her prayer.

She was a dedicated and committed legionary. Despite of her advance age, she was actively involved in legion meeting and activities, including visitation.

She drove a bright green old car, fetching members for legionary works. I used to call her "Sporty Legionary".

She offered herself to God and his Kingdom until her last breath, she died in action.

Her funeral Mass was held on 16-2-2012 at 11:00 am at the Sacred Heart Church, Peel Road, Kuala Lumpur.

May her soul rest in Peace.

(written on 16-2-2012)

Angela's old battle horse 玉伙姐的老战马







玉伙姐虽然是高龄,但仍然很活跃,驾着一辆鲜艳绿色的旧车,装载团员,参加圣母军的会议及各种活动。所以我常叫她做“跑车圣母军”。 她也是交流会的常客。



她的安所弥撒在16-2-2012 早上十一时,假吉隆坡俾路圣心堂举行。;


吉隆坡圣心教堂 Sacred Heart Church, KL


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