Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jalan Jalan 走透透

On the 1 st anniversary of my knee operation (See My Operation), I decided to have a "Jalan Jalan" with my wife, Joseph Wong of Sibu and his wife Rose.

Joseph Wong and I are friend for more than 20 years. We met in 1989 at St Ignatius's Church, Petaling Jaya when we welcomed a group of Sarawakian legionaries led by him to Kuala Lumpur. We hit it off well on our first meeting and maintained close friendship ever since.

Joseph was actively engaged with West Malaysian Catholic church for more than 30 years. He participated (bringing with him many fellow Sarawakians) in many formation programmes organised by KL Archdiocesan Chinese Language Apostolate Commission. He has wide circle of friends over here.

His active and inquisitive nature, brought him to every corner of the Peninsular Malaysia. About 15 years ago, he decided to be pilgrimages tour leader. His footprints has covered places in Europe including Rome, Vatican, Fatima, Lourdes, Medjugoje, Jerusalem, Egypt, Korea, Vietnam and China.

He was very interested in my style of traveling - Local
Jalan Jalan (Go free and easy), and expressed his intention of joining me if possible. Unknowing to him of my knee operation anniversary, a date was fixed .... 21-2-2012, here we are!
We are on a trip to familiar places, not for sightseeing, but for fellowship and friendship. We enjoy each other's company, intending to visit old friends along the way, and as a way to express our thanks and appreciation to God's gift of our friendship.

We sure to enjoy and treasure this trip.

2009 Taipei 台北

在我的膝盖关节手术的第一周年之际(旧帖子我的手术),我决定来一趟 “走一走”,除了太太同行外,还有来自诗巫的老朋友黄禄声和丽馨夫妇。





21-2-2012 开始了!这必定会是一趟非常愉快及值得珍惜的行程。

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