Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jalan Jalan ends 走透透结束

Our Jalan Jalan with Joseph & Rose ended on Sunday 26-2-2012.

On Sunday morning, after breakfast with Peter and Annie, we left Ipoh for home at about 10:30 am.

It was an enjoyable journey with old friends, visited many old friends and making many new friends too.

It is a sweet memory that would be cherished by all of us.

Heartfelt thanks to Peter and Annie for their hospitality and generosity. We enjoyed staying in their house and their company, and will always treasure and cherish our friendship.

While bidding goodbye, Annie reminded us: "come again ...." Our answer is : SURE !

May God bless them and family with peace, health, wealth and happiness always.

Ipoh Ho Hee (Kuih Teo soup) 怡保河禧

我们的走透透之旅,在星期天26-2-2012 结束了。







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