Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jalan jalan - Penang 3 走透透 3- 槟城

24-2-2012 Friday.

Visited Aloysius Bong.

I was Regia president about 15 years ago and he was then President of Penang Comitium, he would come to Kuala Lumpur for Regia meeting to present its annual report. (Regia is the highest council of Legion of Mary in Peninsular Malaysia, reporting direct to Concilium (HQ) in Dublin, Ireland.

From Penang, we traveled to Sungai Petani to visit Francis Soo. He was staying in Petaling Jaya for a number of years and moved back to Sungai Petanin about 2 years ago.

Left Sg. Pertani after lunch and back to Penang Island for a visit to god-daughter Agnes and husband Gary. So happy to see two lovable god-grand daughters Samantha and Stephenie.

They brought us to a food court near their house to sample some delicious Penang hawker food, such as Char Kuey Tiew, Kuih kak, Hokkien Mee, Pasembuh ....

The best one was the Teochew Chendol at Lebuh Keng Kwee off Penang Road.

With, the day ended with The Way of the Cross and Mass at the Mother of Seven Sorrows church in Georgetown (city center).

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24-2-2012 星期五。

今天早上,我们去拜访了Aloysius Bong,槟城督察区团前任团长。大约十五年前,当我还是吉隆坡区域团团长的时候,都会见到他从槟城下来参加区域团会议,呈上督察区团的常年报告。(吉隆坡区域团是西马圣母军最高部门,直接隶属爱尔兰的总部)

从槟城,我们北上双溪大年(Sg. Petani) 去探访苏振桥。他在八打灵住了好多年,前两年才搬回家乡大年定居。





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James Lee, owner of Kopitiam 929, treated us Cendol.
李文福,Kopitiam 929 老板,请我们吃煎律

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