Friday, February 24, 2012

Jalan jalan - Penang 2 走透透 - 槟城 2

23-2-2012 Thursday

Balik Pulau is a place for a laid-back holiday.

Friendly people, fresh air, blue sky and slow-paced.

The church bell rang at 6:00 am .... and Mass at 7:00 am.

After breakfast, Fr. Martin brought us to a durian orchard owned by a parishioner. A big weekend house was erected in the middle of the orchard guarded by many dogs ... and puppies.

A cute little fellow won the heart of Fr. Marin ... She was being christened as the official future guard dog of the church and named her THURSDAY !

Later, we have lunch with a group of local legionnaires at a nearby restaurant.

After bidding farewell to Thusday and the IJ sisters, we left Balik Pulau for George Town (city). We thanked Fr. Martin for his hospitality and time spent with us.

College General was our next destination.

Since his posting to College General after returning from Rome, I have been saying to Fr. Julian "see you in Penang" ...

Finally, after one and a half year, I visited him today at the College General at Tanjong Bunga, Penang.

He greeted us warmly and showed us around the college. He also introduced us to a few seminarians. Later we have dinner at a nearby food court.

I was happy to meet His Grace Archbishop Emeritus Soter Fernandez at the college too. He was doing his walking exercise routine when I met him. Currently, he is the Spiritual Father of the College.

He is 80 years old and looks healthy and alert.

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邓神父被一只白色带棕点的小狗吸引了。。。他为她受洗,并命名为杜斯黛(Thursday 因为当天是星期四),受委为将来的教堂守护狗。







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