Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jalan jalan second leg 走透透第二站

Democracy Tree 民主树


Joseph came to Ipoh with 2 wishes:

1. To visit the Democracy Tree
2. To visit Hee Yit Fong’s house in Jelapang (outside Ipoh). He brought with him 2 rotten eggs.

The first one was easily fulfilled.

The second one was not able to realize because Hee Yit Fong is no longer staying in her old house. Since her crossing over from Opposition to the ruling Barisan National causing the collapse of Pakatan Rakyat state government (rumoured she got millions in return), she exiled herself to avoid the wrath of the people who trusted her.

After Ipoh, our next destination were Permatang Tinggi, Butterworth and Penang.

Pauline has finally able to meet Action One A1 proprietress Ms Lily Tan at her factory in Permatang Tinggi Industrial Area. She has been buying curry paste from her for the past 3 years ... ordering through phone and collection through our 2 god son-in-laws George Ying and Gary. It is a export quality paste for our own consumption.

Before crossing Penang bridge, we visited my God-daughter Anna Ailing's father Mr. John Lee in Butterworth. He was happy to welcome us. He braved the rain and rode on motorcycle to buy us "xiangbing" .

Crossing Penang Bridge at about 5:00 pm, we headed towards Balik Pulau. Fr. Martin, the parish priest of the Holy Name of Jesus Church has prepared a place for us for the night.

We visited some old Sisters at the Infant Jesus Convent next to the church. Among them were Sr. Lucy Wong (83), Sr Anna (89) who served in Kajang before.

Being Ash Wednesday, we attended the Ash Wednesday Mass and received ashes on our forehead. It signified the start of the season of Lent in our Catholic Church.

Repent and believe in the Gospel !!

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1. 到民主树前朝圣。
2. 到九洞选区看看许月凤的家。他到了两粒臭蛋随行。




在往槟城的路上,我们到Permatang Tinggi 一间咖哩酱制造厂一停。太太终于有机会与公司老板娘莉莉见面了。过去的三年里,太太只有用电话与莉莉订货,然后由两个乾女婿去代拿货。

我们到了北海 (Butterworth) 去探望干女儿瑷伶的爸爸。他很高兴的见到我们,除了请我们喝茶之外,还冒雨到外头买香饼送给我们带回去。他看了起色很好,风趣依然。因时间关系,我们只逗留了半个小时。我深感抱歉的向他道别,并说以后会再到回来探望他。他则打趣的问说什么时候再到回来,希望不会等到32号 。。。我说:不会啦,23号的时候,我就会再来拜访他。。。

跨越了槟城大桥,我们直往浮罗山背 (Balik Pulau) 耶稣圣名教堂。教堂主任邓神父,早已准备好了我们住宿的地方,欢迎我们的到来。他也非常热情的冒着雨,骑了电单车,买了香饼送给我们!




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From ash to ash you shall return.. Repent and believe in the Gospel!

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