Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lik Chun 立春

According to China Meteological department, the actual date and time of Spring commences on 4/2/2012 16:22 hour. It is called "Li Chun" (立春... roughly translate as 'The mark of Spring' )

"Li Chun" is same syllable as " standing upright of egg " in Cantonese ( Li - Stand upright; Chun - egg )

Many Chinese believed eggs can stand vertically on day of Li Chun.

One of them is Jane Ng, a Yoga instructor. She and family members did it with 8 pieces of eggs.

(Pictures from Jane's Facebook)

根据中国天文台的计算,正式『立春』的日期是 4/2/2012 16:22 时。


很多人相信在这天,鸡蛋可以直立。相信的其中一人就是 Jane Ng 小姐,她是一位瑜伽老师。

今天她与家人共成功的‘立’了八粒鸡蛋。(Jane 面子书照片)