Saturday, February 4, 2012

New year visit

Cheng (second right) with husband Loh and children

Not seen Cheng and husband Loh in Kelang for alomost 2 years....

We went last night for a new year visit, and .... cannot do without .... dinner !!!!

Kelang is such a sprawling town (city) ... without GPS, you will get lost. But with GPS, got lost also, because GPS - Guna Pun Sesat juga (use it also get lost ). That was what happed to us.

将近两年没见到 Cheng 及Loh 夫妇了。。。


巴生已经成为一个大市镇(或城市),假如没有GPS (卫星导航),很容易迷路。但是,有GPS 还是迷路,因为GPS 就是如马来文所说:Guna Pun Sesat (用了也迷路)。昨晚就是如此。

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