Friday, March 16, 2012

After 14 days 十四天后

新的一天开始 Dawning of a new day

14 days .....

A fortnight away from the social networking ... it is good for the soul!

I am quite happy about it.

However, no break for Prime Minister Najib's desperate effort to buy votes by giving out more money to buy the hearts of people:

- RM100 to all pupils in schools;

- RM500 cash aid to those monthly household income below RM3000, or above 60 yrs of age .....

- Salary increment between 7-13% to 1.2 million government servants! (so that they will be loyal to the ruling coalition, few millions votes ensured)

- Millions $$$ to Chinese schools .... (to make Chinese community happy)

- Recognising degree of 146 universities in China .... (means Chinese school leavers can further study in China)

He even kowtao and said sorry for ruling coalition's past shortcomings and mistakes ....

More to come ..... more cash to give out .....

It means general election (GE) is near. Najib must win big, at least better than the previous GE, otherwise he has to pack up and go ...

Last Wednesday, we brought our housemaid Agnes to Kuala Lumpur jalan jalan. She needs to
go out once in a while to "de-stress" from the household chores.

We visited the newly open KLCC-Pavilion elevated Walkway. The 562 meters by 5 meters air-conditioned Walkway is financed by Petronas as part of its 100-million Comprehensive Pedestrian Network project.

By taking the KTM Commuter Train to Kuala Lumpur, I discovered the new meaning of the acronym KTM (Kerata Api Melayu or Malayan Railway).

It is Kumpulan Ta'tau Malu (Shameless group) OR Kumpulan Tak'da Maruah (Group without honour).

Delay, further delay, re-schedule re-re-schedule are common occurrence. Our train to KL was delayed by an hour.....

In the evening, the train supposed to arrive at 4:50 pm was re-scheduled to 5:27 pm. because it has to give way to another train.

At 5:27 pm, no train in sight. Ten minutes later, PA system announced that the train was stucked at Kepong station due to power outage ......

Was the train coming at all? when? no body knew.

We saw hundreds of tired faces, helplessly resigned to the fact that .... it was another delay, it was all in a day's work!

Complaint... complaint.... complaint .... to deaf ears. No improvement and only getting worse.

To a corporation without honour and knowing no shame, it is all in a day's work too.

《See video Youtube》


一个远离社交网络的十四天 。。。这对灵魂有益!



- 首先是每个学生都拿到马币一百元。

- 接下来是家庭收入每月少过马币三千元的,及超过六十岁的,都可以领受到马币五百元辅助金。

- 更劲爆的,一百二十万名政府公务员将得到7 至13 巴仙的加薪,追薪从2012年一月开始,(公务员就会对执政国阵效忠,保住数百万张选票)

- 对华校排糖果 - 拨款百万给华校,讨的华社欢心。

- 最近政府承认中国146所高校的文凭,华校子弟可以到中国深造。。

- 他还对国阵过去的错误作出公众道歉 。。。

- 还有更多的 ‘讨好’ 事项陆续而来。。。当然也会有更多的钱派出去!




KTM 就是『不知羞耻的公司』或『没有廉耻的公司』。






铁道局从没能力改善,也习以为常。人民常常投诉,也充耳不闻,管理层脸皮也真厚 。。。。




All going for Jalan Jalan 都是去悠闲游

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