Monday, April 30, 2012

Day of 428 当天

We attended a Mass in the morning of 428.

We offered ourselves, our intentions and 428 to the Lord. We prayed for a peaceful and successful day.

At 10:30 am, we left for Sultan, one of the designated assembly points.

The Policemen along the roads to Jln Sultan were friendly and smiling, signifying a good day ahead.

Jln Sultan was packed with protesters as early as 9 am. It was a carnival-like atmosphere ... people shouting, singing and chatting... peaceful and orderly.

We started our march towards Dataran Merdeka at about 12 noon. The more than 15,000 strong crowd advancing slowly, orderly and peacefully.

It was a hot and sunny day but the emotion and spirit of the crowd was even hotter!

At 1:20pm, we reached police check point at Jln Hang Lekiu, in front of Malaysia Bar Council building. We were merely 200 meters away from Dataran Merdeka, our destination.

The crowd sat down, singing and shouting but very orderly and peaceful.

I later joined the crowd from Pasar Seni, another assembly point, at Lebuh Ampang. They were not be able to proceed further towards Datarn Merdeka also due to Police road block. They sat down,singing and chanting ... yet peaceful and orderly.

At about 2:30, crowd started to disperse due to no progress.

In fact I was walking towards Jln Pudu, SMS my daughter and nephew to meet me at our "safe location".

Suddenly, I saw water shooting from the direction of Bar Council Building where our group was there an hour ago.

I turned and walked back towards Lebuh Ampang, where Pasir Seni group was.

Then eyes started tearing .... must be the teargas floating in the air...

We quickened our pace to disperse .... we heard more "pong...". the firing of teargas towards our direction.

Unbelievably, teargas still flying at us, the dispersing crowd... the beastly Police wanted to kill us !

I put on my mask, wet my small towel. As the smoke got thicker, many people started coughing.

I opened a packet of salt, put some in my mouth, and also shared with those besides me.

Luckily no stampede. The crowd did not panic but remained calm in dispersing although many are tearing and coughing badly.

Excessive forces were used on peaceful and orderly assembly.

It was a successful 428 sit in protest rally. People has spoken.

The water cannon, teargas and violence from the police would make people more resolute:

1. Barisan government is a barbaric, inhuman regime. It uses teargas and water cannon freely to attack (and kill) its own people.
2. Malaysian police is a violent force that need not be accounted for its action. Policemen on riot control are animals.
3. Malaysians are more united and resolute in changing this government.

Whoever support this government are perpetrators of crime against own fellow citizens.

(All pictures in Facebook)

(Video in Youtube)

(Innocent victim of Police teargas Youtube)







超过一万五的人潮,非常和平及有秩序的漫步,有时坐下,有时站立 。。。缓慢的往目的地前进。






前面的警方路障,也阻碍了他们的前进。大家坐下,或站,或唱歌,喊叫 。。。秩序井然。





接着,听到数声”砰。砰“。。。 更多催泪弹的发射。


人群加快脚步逃跑,但幸运的,大家都很镇定,避免了互相践踏,虽然许多人已经泪如雨下,大声的在咳嗽 。。。不然后果是不堪设想。



不过,这是一个成功的428 ,人民已经表达了他们的心声!

每个人带着感恩,欣慰及满足的心情,结束了这项历史性的和平抗议, 但心中已经坚决的领悟:

2. 马来西亚警察部队是个充满暴力的部队。那些执行群众管理的人员,犹如野兽。




(警方乱射催泪弹 Youtube)

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