Saturday, April 28, 2012


Today, April 28 (428), 300,000 fellow Malaysians withstood the barbaric assault of the ruling Barisan regime, and triumph heroically.

My 428 conclusions:

1. Barisan government is a barbaric, inhuman regime. It uses teargas and water cannon freely to attack its own people.
2. Malaysian police is a violent force that need not be accounted for its action. Policemen on riot control are animals.
3. Malaysians are more united and resolute in changing this government.

Whoever support this government are perpetrators of crime against own fellow citizens.

I was with crowd at Jln Sultan and Pasar Seni (numbering more than 20,000). We have a very peaceful march towards Dataran Merdeka. When we reached barricades put up by Police, we sat down and sang songs, it was like a carnival. No provocation. The police started shooting chemical-laced water and teargas without warning, causing harm to women and aged protesters.

I would like to extend my warmest regards and highest respect to our heroic comrades who were either injured or being arrested. Your sacrifices would be greatly appreciated by all Malaysians. ( More than 200 were arrested, many injured and one death)

(more pictures later)
Peaceful sit in (moment before the tear gas)
和平的坐下 (不久就遭受催泪弹的攻击)



2. 马来西亚警察部队是个充满暴力的部队。那些执行群众管理的人员,简直如野兽。





水炮攻击 water cannon attack
( 2 Policemen pics are from the Nets 上两幀 警察照片取自网页)

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