Saturday, April 28, 2012

Eve of 428 前夕

Yellow T-shirt, salt (against tear gas), water, gas mask, rain coat and Roasary!
黄衣,T-shirt, 盐(防催泪弹),水,面罩,雨衣及念珠!

All my things are packed, I'm ready to go ........ to the 'safe house' in KL for the night and on 428... that is April 28, to the Bersih 3.0 Sit In protest rally.

SMS and Facebook messages of police roadblocks were spreading Friday evening. It has been proven false.

I started journey at 9:30 pm. It took me less than half an hour to reach KL from Kajang. Traffic were light in the city and roads leading into it.

The city was quiet ... the calm before the storm.

Joy, the Catholic Lawyer Society Chairman briefed us (more than 30) on the current situation and the do and don't during the rally.

Telephone numbers of lawyers were given to us in face of emergency (being arrested by Police).

Lord have mercy, grant us a peaceful and violence-free sit in rally! Amen.

全部装备都准备好了, 我要入城了 。。。到吉隆坡的“秘密地点”住宿,以避过明天428和平集会可能引起的警方封城.







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