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Triang, St. John's Chapel 直凉,圣若望小教堂

Mother of God Pdm, Triang 直凉天主之母支团

Fr. Thomas Loh (right) 罗秀彪神父(右)

Triang is a small rural town about 2 hours drive from Bentong.

The controversial intended eviction and demolition of 85 years old Chapel of St. John by the state government attracted national attention in 2009. It was met with strong protest from the Catholic population and non-Christian local community in Triang.

I was in Triang on a fact-finding trip in 2009 (see old post Chapel of St John (1) and Chapel of St John (2) )

After 2 years, I am back again to Triang. The chapel is safe for now from demolition due to the vigilant defense of parishioners and leaders and untiring negotiation with parties concern.

According to a church leader, the state land office had agreed that the lease hold land where the chapel is sited, would not be acquired for development but gazetted as a place of worship.

But until and unless an official notification is issued, they would not let their guards down.

A building plan of a new church has been submitted to the relevant authorities for approval. If approve, the problem would be solved completely.

Pray that the dream of Triang community would be fulfilled in the near future.

We were welcomed warmly by the parishioners of the chapel in the evening and treated to a community pot-luck dinner at one of parishioners' home.

Later, we attended the meeting of Mother of God praesidium meeting.

I was very touched by their fervent devotion to our Lady and commitment to serve the church.

We are grateful to Fr. Joseph Low for his hospitality and arrangement for our visit to Bentong and Triang. Besides meeting fellow legionaries in two places, we also met Fr. Thomas Loh, who is serving in Canada and back to Malaysia for some official business and holidays.

Praise the Lord.

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在2-4-2009, 我也到了直凉做实地的了解情况。(参看旧帖子圣若望小教堂(1) 圣若望小教堂 (2)










Proposed new church 新教堂构想图

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