Monday, April 23, 2012

Bersih 3 净选盟3

我一定要支持Bersih 3 (净选盟 3)在四月二十八日举行的静坐抗议集会。






净选盟3 的三个目的是:

1. 选举委员会(委员)必须辞职,因为他们没有负起责任,人民已经对它失去信心。

2. 在第十三届大选之前,选举的整个程序必须整顿。

3. 邀请国际观察员,到来监督第十三届大选。


I must attend Bersih 3 rally to be held on April 28, wherever it is.

Bersih 3 is held because the government failed to fulfill the demand made in Bersih 2 (see The Heroes).

My wife and I are registered voters. We moved out of Cheras (strong hold of Opposition) about 30 years ago, and have numerous times requested the Election Commission (EC) to change our voting address to Kajang but to no avail.

The last time being 6 months ago. We went to EC head office in Putrajaya to submit yet again our "change of address" request. As at today, #@%$f%%B**& !

Fraud, Fraud, Fraud ... so we need Bersih, Bersih, Bersih !

I must support the continued cleaning of electoral frauds in this country!

Half a million is expected to attend this sit-in protest.

Bersih =Malay acronym for Coalition for Free and Fair Elections

(Bersih in Malay means clean)

Official statement of Bersih 3
The coalition is wholly unsatisfied with the PSC report, and has written a response to each of the 22 recommendations put forth in the report. The response is here. In light of this unsatisfactory PSC (Parliamen Select Committee) report, the coalition has announced BERSIH 3.0.

BERSIH 3.0 will take the form of a sit-in (“duduk bantah” in Bahasa Malaysia) on April 28th 2012, and will take place across Malaysia and throughout the world. In addition to the demands of the previous BERSIH demonstrations, BERSIH 3.0 has three demands, namely:

1. The Election Commission must resign, as it has failed in its responsibility and has lost the confidence of the public.

2. The electoral process must be cleaned before the 13th General Elections.

3. Invite international observers to observe the 13th General Elections.

Through BERSIH 3.0, we will continue our struggle for clean and fair elections, assembling and expressing our views peacefully as are our rights as enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

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