Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Happy finger 快乐的手指

Another happy finger!

Tony suffered from Trigger middle finger for quite a while. Lately, the pain became unbearable.

I went with him early this morning to Tung Shin Hospital to see Dr. Low Eu Huat, Consultant Orthopedic for treatment.

He is the doctor who treated my wife's trigger thumb 2 years ago without surgery. (see old post Trigger finger)

One minute procedure enabled Tony to avoid the costly thousand Riggits operation!

Before: A locked middle finger 之前:僵住的中指

Half hour after the procedure. Finger functions normal. Arrow shows pin hole.






1 comment:

PV said...

thanks for sharing. this information helps.
i will bring my mother to get consultancy from dr low today.
Had actually booked sunway for operation this saturday, cost us rm3500 at least.
will see what dr low commented first.