Saturday, May 19, 2012

Solo with love 梭罗河之恋

The last 2 days (18 & 19) of our tour centered in Solo.

I fell in love with Solo more than 45 years ago because of the Indonesian song 『Begawan Solo 』 in Mandarin(梭罗河之恋) sung by Malaysian famous singer Pan Xiu Qiong in the sixties. It was a river flowing with romance and love. (another version of Begawan Solo 1962)

Begawan Solo (River Solo) is the longest river in Java.

Finally, I was standing by the river of Solo ... but without the romance and nostalgic feelings. Today, Solo River, like thousands of rivers in Indonesia and throughout the world, has been gravely polluted and silted.

I was disappointed but feeling grateful (good Karma) to stand by its bank after almost half a century later.

We went off the beaten track, up to a national park to see a waterfall and Sukuh Hindu temple ruin nearby.

The Sukuh temple was one of the last temples built in Java. It has a distinctive thematic reliefs from other temples where life before birth and sexual education are its main theme (kama Sutra).

Solo is a greener and much more beautiful city than Jogjakarta and Semarang. The roads are lined with trees and shrubs.

We left Solo for home today at about 2:30 pm. and reached KLIA 2 hours 20 minutes later. (more pics in Facebook )





我们在梭罗的活动,是到偏远的山区,游客不多的一个国家公园观看瀑布,及参观附近一座山上的苏古兴都教神庙遗址(Sukuh Temple)。




(更多照片Facebook )

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