Friday, May 18, 2012

Places of worship 宗教场所

Thursday 17/5/2012 was a public holiday in Indonesia in conjunction with the Ascension of the Lord, a Catholic day of obligation and solemnity.

My wife and I were not able to attend Ascension Mass because of our early departure from Semarang to Solo.

However, at about 8:45am, while our tour members were visiting the building of thousand windows, a historical landmark of Semarang, we quickly run across the road and entered the church for a short prayer.

It was a day of visitation to holy places of worship.

First, the Catholic church (me and my wife only)

Then we visited the oldest church of the Jave province (a protestant church built in 1753 by the Dutch) in the old quarters of Semarang. It was called the Dutch church and The Dome because of its dome roof.

The we visited Sam Poh Kng, a temple dedicated to Cheng Ho, the China Muslim admiral who visited Semarang in 1403.

The we visited a Buddhist temple dedicated to Guan Yin, a goddess in Chinese belief.

We encountered the worst traffic jam to Solo. It was a tiring journey.

We reached Solo after dark.

Our tour has brought us to places of worship for various religions. I have benefited a lot. I have learnt to be humble, to accept and respect other religions and be in harmony with their believers.

It is a good Karma. (see pictures in Facebook)

星期四, 17/5/2012. 是天主教欢庆耶稣升天占礼,也是印尼的公共假期。

我和太太不能参加耶稣升天弥撒(天主教徒当天必须参加此弥撒),因为我们的旅行团,需要一早就离开三宝垄,到另一个城市 – 梭罗。

不过,在早上8:45 am,当其他团员在参观三宝垄的一个著名历史建筑物,千个窗之家,我和太太快快的越过马路,到一百米对面的一间天主教堂做个祈祷。弥撒在九点我们离开时开始,这真是名副其实的“望弥撒”。










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