Friday, May 18, 2012

Adventure to Karimunjawa 2 加里曼爪哇岛

The second day in Karimunjawa island was filled with excitement.

At 5:00 am, we went to a beautiful private beach resort of Niwarna Lodge, to catch the sunrise.

It was such a wonderful experience. With wind breezing, waves beating the shore, it was so relax and peaceful ….

After breakfast, we took a glass-bottomed boat to the deeper sea to see corals. The view was fantastic.

Me and Mrs Ling did snorkel diving above the corals and feeding fishes.

It was Karma of desire that no good photo was taken to mark my “great dive” in the deep sea. The desire of showing off oneself is not good!

The resort operator took pictures with an underwater camera , what he took was school of fishes eating food from my hand, and that was what exactly what the photo showed… fishes and my hand.

Later we went to a shark farm in another island. We swam among the sharks … albeit small ones. They were more afraid of us than we of them.

We left the island at about 10:30 am for Jepara to be transferred back to Samerang. Enroute, we visited two historical mosques at Kudus and Demark.

It was a long day. Getting up at 4:30 to see sunrise, and checking into hotel at almost 9:00 pm … with sunset view included! (see pictures in Facebook)






这也是Karma (业)吧,没有拍到清楚的潜水照片。船夫还拿着水下摄影机拍照。他只对着我的前面,成群的鱼儿在抢吃的 。。。也只有拍到我的手喂鱼的照片。。。气死也!这是karma 吧。你看到那只围满了鱼的手,那是我的!!



今天早上四点半就起床,回到三宝垄的酒店,已经是将近晚上九点了,这当然也包括了见到日落。(观看照片Facebook )

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