Thursday, May 17, 2012

Adventure to Karimunjawa 1 加里曼爪哇岛

I believed we are the first Malaysian Chinese group to land on this island.

Karimunjawa is an island about 2 hours by speed boat from Java Island.

In Java, irrespective of religion, they believe things happen because of Karma, something like cause and effect, action and deed, in Buddhism.

Perhaps it is Karma that brought us to this island, more so with a group of 3 men and 11 ladies, all not younger than 55 years old, and not all for out-door adventure.

It is not Karma that punishes me to send me to a remote island with a Bible, or to an island with a group of old sexy ladies, it is my desire of going places, see new things than me and my wife (and the group) ventured to this island with about 500 inhabitants with tourism in the infancy.

But the experience is great ! See picture story in Facebook.

(More exciting activities awaiting us!)


在印尼的爪哇,不分信仰,人民都信服于Karma (业 - 因果)。所以我们这组人会到这个只有五百人居住地小岛,该是『业』的安排吧!尤其是三个男人,十一位妇人,最年幼的,也超过五十五岁了。



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