Monday, May 14, 2012

The magnificient Borobodur宏伟的浮罗浮屠

14/5/2012 10:30 am

At last, we were at the foot of the magnificent Borobudur, the world's biggest single temple which was built one thousand two hundred years ago. (Completed in 825AD)

I stood in awe in front of the monument of Buddhist's cosmology. It is a world heritage and treasure to mankind.

I witnessed and was touched by the religious harmony in Indonesia. Many visitors are local Muslims, parents came with their parents, school children came in groups led by their teachers, youngsters .... They are proud of their country's heritage and history and show their acceptance and appreciation of other faiths.

However, I was ashamed with certain of my fellow 'Christian' who were not willing to have picture taken with the Borobudur (other faith)... (not to be displayed or kept at home).

Jogjakarta traffic is chaotic, with motorcycles swerving left and right, cutting in and out; cars overtaking any time, any place, single line, double lines, yellow lines or no line , green light, yellow light ......

It is a day of temple visit ... temple and temple and temple, all beautiful and magnificent.

We left Jogja for Semarang after lunch at about 2:30 pm. A 100 km journey took us almost 4 hours ..... heavy traffic on narrow roads(single lane), plus menacing motor cycles.

We reached Semarang in darkness at about 6:30 am. We are leaving early next morning for Karimunjawa Island. (see pictures at Facebook)

14/5/2012 早上十点半

我们总有来到了世界著名的浮罗浮屠佛塔。面对这将近12oo 年历史,全世界最高的单一佛塔,我觉得渺小,对它极尽敬仰。








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