Monday, May 14, 2012

In Jogjakarta 人在日惹

I wanted to visit the Borubudur in Jogjakarta since 5 years ago.

Today, May 13 (Sunday), my wife and I together with a few friends and others, landed at Jogjakarta airport at about 8:30 am local time (Malaysia 9:30 am).

Upon arrival, we started our tour immediately by going to visit one of the tallest and most beautiful Hindu temple in the world, Prambanan.

It was built around 850 A.D and was suffered badly during the worst earthquake in Java in 2011. Restoration has been going on but the highest Siva temple (470 meters) is closed to visitors for continued restoration works.

It is such a beautiful and priceless heritage.

We will visit the world renowned heritage, the Borobudor tomorrow. (This post is not able to post on 13/5 due to Hotel's WIFI breakdown)

(see pics in Facebook)


今天,13/5/2012 星期天,我和几位朋友及另几位不认识的队员,于当地时间早上八点三十分(马来西亚时间九时三十分)抵达日惹机场。




我们明天将会参观举世闻名的全世界最大的佛教遗迹 – 普罗浮屠。(这帖子因为13/5 酒店WIFI出现问题,而不能贴上)

( 观看照片Facebook )


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