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A priest and his church 一位神父与他的教堂

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Two years ago, on 26-8-2010, I visited Fr. Raymond Pereira who has just assumed the post of the Parish Priest of the 75 years old Church of St. Theresa. (See old posting St Theresa Church)

He was then busy renovating the 75 years old rundown church and making plan for a new multipurpose complex on a piece of land at the back of the church.

St. Theresa was formerly a chapel under the administration of St. Aloysius Church, Mantin.
Fr. Raymond is the first appointed resident Parish Priest when the chapel was elevated to a parish on February 1, 2010.

The church renovation was completed in time for its Feast day and Diamond Jubilee double celebrations on October 1, 2010.

The construction of the complex started soon after the double celebrations and was completed in 2011 under the able and experienced leadership of Fr. Raymond.

Fr. Raymond was a former Parish Priest of the Church of Divine Mercy in Shah Alan which he has built from scratch, and completed in 2005 after overcoming many obstacles and difficulties including legal tussles with the state government and local authorities.

The Nilai community was rather happy with the historical old church renovated, and a new multipurpose complex completed. Fr. Raymond, after all the hardwork of building structures and facilities, was looking forward to focus his pastoral priority to "building people" and "communion of people".

On Jan 1, 2011 at about 11:30 am, a short-circuit caused fire at the back store room destroyed the sacristy and altar section of the church of St Theresa. Fr. Raymond and the community were sad and heart broken.

“We are now homeless. We have no place to worship,” “We are thankful to God that no one was hurt...our people are in a state of shock...” These sentences summed up the feeling of Fr. Raymond then.

Mass has to be celebrated at the Nilai community hall because the new complex has not yet been issued with a Certificate of Fitness (CF).

Glory be to God, the CF was obtained in April 2012.

Today, 2 years later, I visited Fr. Raymond with my wife and parents in law at the new complex which is aptly named St. Theresa Pastoral Center.

He greeted us warmly.

In his calm and enthusiastic voice, he shared with us many stories of his community, his parish and most of all, the building of the complex and the ordeal after the fire.

No sadness but joy, no giving up but working harder. Fr. Raymond took the challenges and hardship in stride. He gave thanks unceasingly and praises to God, and to St. Theresa for her intercession, for all graces he received during this difficult times. He thanked all benefactors, donors, parishioners and friends, near and far, for their generosity in cash and in kind.

The community of St. Theresa are now on their feet again, stronger and taller!

Later he brought us for a tour of the Center.

1. First floor - is used as a church for masses and worship.
2. Second floor - Class rooms, meeting rooms, AV rooms and dormitory.
3. Third floor - Dormitory, function and activity rooms.

I was impressed by its user friendly facilities especially the toilets and bathing area, and the ramp for physical handicapped and elderly users.

The center has been letting out to groups and community for stay-in retreat,seminar and formation. From its booking diary, it shows the center is well-received by groups from KL and PJ areas.

The official opening and blessing of the Center by Archbishop Murphy Pakiam is schedule on 9/9/2012.

Donations towards the building of a new church are most welcomed and solicited. For further information or making contribution:

Please contact St. Theresa Pastoral Center New Telephone No: 06- 7940160.

Being a small and rural community, they need your help!

**Fr Raymond is the Spiritual Director of the KL Regia, the highest council of Legion of Mary in Peninsular Malaysia. He speaks English, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia.

(See all pictures in Facebook)

Fr. Raymond, the old church and new Pastoral Center at the back
May God bless him good health, peace and joy in his priestly ministry

两年前,26-8-2010,我拜访了刚上任为汝来圣特肋莎(或圣德兰)(St. Theresa Church, Nilai) 教堂本堂的雷睿明神父。(参阅旧帖子圣特肋撒堂
















一楼 - 作为教堂,用来举行弥撒圣祭及各种朝拜活动。
二楼 - 课室,会议室,还有宿舍
三楼 - 宿舍及活动空间




圣德拉教堂非常欢迎大家给予他们建立教堂基金的赞助和捐献。任何询问,可以联络圣特肋莎牧民中心的新电话号码: 06- 7940160.


** 雷神父是西马圣母军区域团指导神师,能说英语,华语及国语(马来语)


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