Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The 2550 celebrations 欢庆2550

From left: Fr. Lucas, Fr. Francis Ng, Fr. Philip Tan and Fr. Stephen Ng

Let's celebrate !

25-50 - Crossing the threshold of 25 years .... striding towards 50th Jubilee.

This is the theme of the combined Thanksgiving Celebrations on 27-8-2010, at the Pulau Gadung CDD Seminary , by 5 priests in commemoration of their first Profession of Religious Vow into the Order of CDD (Disciple of the Lord).

The five are:

Fr. Francis Ng - 43 years
Fr. Stephen Ng - 30 years
Fr. Lucas Ng - 28 years
Fr. Philip Tan - 25 years
Fr. John Chia - 25 years

Fr. John Chia who is the Superior General of the Order based in Taiwan, was not able to come back for the celebration.

This was the first time such celebration to be undertaken by the CDD in Malaysia.

Four Bishop, 21 priests, many religious Brothers and Nuns, together with more than 600 well wishers from far and near attended this solemn and meaningful celebrations.
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Front from right : Bishop Emeritus Selva, Bishop Emeritus James Chan, Archbishop Pakiam and Bishop Paul Tan


25 周年的门槛,踏步迈向 50金禧。



1. 黄怡川神父 - 43 年
2. 黄进龙神父 - 30 年
3. 黄天赐神父 - 28 年
4. 陈聪敏神父 - 25 年
5. 谢启龙神父 - 25 年




感恩弥撒于傍晚六时举行,过后有晚餐招待。(更多照片 Facebook )

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