Wednesday, August 29, 2012

At Simpang Pertang 人在新邦普鲁顶

It has been almost four years since my last visit to Fr. Nathan's Simpang Pertang Sanctuary.

This morning, together with my wife and parents-in-law, we visited Fr. Nathan and owner Anna and Steven Lin.

Fr. Nathan does not change much after 4 years. He is still busy with his daily activities - tending his ducks, chicken, geese, fishes and .... flowers and trees.

A relaxing and refreshing day for all of us. We left for home in the evening.

See pictures in Facebook to know more.



纳登神父看来与四年前的他,没太多的改变。他仍然非常忙碌的进行每天的工作- 蓄养他的鸭,鸡,鹅,鱼及。。。花花草草与果树。


观看Facebook 照片,以知道更详尽的故事。

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