Sunday, September 30, 2012

Feast day ordeal 主保日的考验

Left house at about 8:10 am for Nilai St. Theresa Church Feast-day celebrations.

At 6.8 km Lekas Highway, we heard some loud noise from the engine compartment ....te la tak tak cha cha .....

I slowed down ... the car was still moving smoothly ...

Then I noticed the water temperature has shot up to the maximum .... and quickly stopped to check.

Fan belt has broken, water pump and alternater were not moving. Serious problem.

Using emergency phone located along the highway. It was working and Lekas Highway staff answered.

 " I need help, a tow truck to tow my car home..."

"Sorry, we do not have tow truck service... if want we can contact outside truck for you.."

I thought the fastest service should have come from highway operator .....%$#^$#%&&&** what (*&*) service it provides!

I called my insurance "Auto Assist" service. Promptly it despatched a tow truck from the nearest panel workshop.

45 minutes later, the truck arrived ,and another 45 minutes later, my van was safely home ... free of charge!. All in the saga lasted 2 1/2 hours.

St. Theresa of Lisieux is my favourite saint. She is also known as The Little Flower of Jesus. Moreover, this was the first time I attend the feast day of St. Theresa Church in Nilai.

We should not be deterred by this ordeal.
Immediately, we used another car to go to Nilai and arrived 15 minutes before the Mass ended.
I was so happy to meet Fr. Alvin Ho, a Jesuit Priest who has been away in US to study for many years. I knew him in St. John Cathedral Kuala Lumpur years before he entered the seminary.

More than 500 attended the feast day celebrations, many of them are foreign workers from many countries.

 (Facebook pictures)

Fr. Alvin Ho (second from right)

St Theresa of Lisieux 里修圣女小特肋莎


车抵达Lekas 高速公路6.8公里处,突然听到来自引擎厢哒哒嚓哒声响。我马上放慢速度,车行的还很顺畅,没有什么异样,所以还想继续行驶。






我以为最快的服务应该是来自大道公司 。。。$#%@^^^%%**$ 真×&×的王八,什么叫做服务。






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