Friday, September 28, 2012

Day 6 in Sibu 诗巫第6天

It was a wonderful trip for all of us.

We have to thank many generous friends who took care of our accommodation and transport, brotherly and sisterly love showered upon us and food and food and food and food and more food throughout our stay.

Thank you is not enough to express our gratitude especially to Peter and Linda for their generosity and kindness.

Jackie whom I knew since 1990 as a young green horn, and now a father of 3 children, took few days of leave to accompany us and chauffeured us throughout our stay in Sibu.

Thank You to Alice and parents, Fr. Tham, Paul and his wife Xiu Xiang ... all of them had shown us the true meaning of love and making our holiday more fulfilling.

Thanks to William Ngu, Philip Kong and Linda Su. They have taken time out to be with us whenever they can.

Not forgetting my Sibu brother Joseph Wong and wife Rose,  who arranged and planned my tour.  

One of the high points of our visit was the trip to Kapit ... our heart felt thanks to Fr. Fabian and his parishioners for the warm welcome extended to us. I am sure all of us, including little Marcus, would not forget this wonderful journey and warm stay in Kapit.

Mrs Lee (Chan Siew Fong), daughter-in-law and grandson Marcus thoroughly enjoyed the trip very much. They are not Christian but went along with our itinerary including visiting churches and prayer rites.

On the morning before going to airport, Joseph and William Ngu brought us out for breakfast and a little sightseeing.

I was heart-broken seeing the reclamation at the bank of Igan river. The river has been narrowed in order to gain valuable commercial land.

Generations to come would suffer because of the greed of this generation.

Goodbye Sibu, goodbye Rajang river, goodbye Igan river ....

I heard you crying ... for greedy mankind ....

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一声谢谢是不足够对Peter 及Linda 夫妇给我们的一切慷慨及温馨的接待。


谭神父,爱丽丝Alice 及父母的热情接待,仁忠夫妇的欢迎,都使到我们的假期倍增难忘。


更不用说我的诗巫“布拉打” (兄弟) 黄禄声及太太丽馨,他们安排及照顾了我们的整个行程。


与我们同行的李太太(Auntie Lee),媳妇慧仪及孙子翊铭(Marcus),都有个美丽的快乐时光。他们不是基督徒,而且还有小孩同行,但都尽量配合我们的行程,包括教会地点。他们也很高兴的领受住宿在加帛神父楼的体验。






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