Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 5 in Sibu 诗巫的第五天



这是他第一次离开家乡,离开家人,第一次乘搭飞机。他的哥哥冉颖送他到机场时,嘱咐他不必担心,一定会平安抵达目的地 - 位于加影的一间髮型学院。



走到最后的时候,他才发觉人群要去的地方是 - 厕所!!!


 今早,带着一点紧张的心情,我们与Abel Ting 及太太Ah Wei 小薇在一间点心馆子共进早餐。他们都是髮型师,共同管理自己开创的髮型屋。





在下午,我们来到Abel 的美髮廊。一步入,我们就被Abel 绑架,他的员工把我们“绑”在椅子上,给我们洗头及美髮!

我要求那位为我服务的髮型师,依照他的髮型,也给我的头发依样造型 。。。阿啦。。熟巧的髮型师,也有极限!

这是我们一个非常好的体验,我们都说: 赞!


过后,Peter 及Linda 邀请了我们夜宵,因为明天,我们将回家了。


Tuesday, 25-9-2012, was the fifth day in Sibu and the busiest day for me (us).

In 1995, that was 17 years ago, a young boy of 17 years old from Sibu came to Peninsular Malaysia to take up a hair-styling course.

It was his first time leaving home, first time taking a plane. His older brother Jackie sent him to airport, assuring him not to be afraid and he would be safe to reach the destination - a hair academy in Kajang.

Not knowing where to board the plane, what to do along the way .... he remembered his older brother's advice: " Just follow the people ...."

The anxious and frightened little lamb did as his brother said and followed the crowd at the first instant when he was alone and lost.

Followed ... walked ... followed the path most people took  ......

He found out at the end of the walk .... it is the toilet people are going!!!!

This was one of the stories he told us when we met up finally, after more than 15 years since the last time my wife and I saw him in Kajang.
This morning, a little nervous, we met Abel Ting and his wife Ah Wei (They married 6 years ago) for breakfast at a Sibu Tim Sum restaurant. Both are hair stylists running their own hair-dressing salon.

After completion of his course, Abel worked for 10 years before decided to open his own salon.

The skinny 17-year old boy has grown up to be a fine young hard working, caring, happy and confident entrepreneur. (he is still skinny ... ooops.. is slim now)

We are so happy and proud of him.

After breakfast, Joseph and I visited a few old friends and acquaintances.

We went to Abel's Saloon in the afternoon. Immediately after stepping into the saloon,  we were "kidnapped" by him and "tied" to the chairs by his staff for shampooing and hair styling.

I requested the young stylist to style my hair as his .... alaaah... even good stylist also has his limitation.

It was a great experience for all of us... and WE LIKED IT !!! (see Facebook pictures)

In the evening, I joined Joseph for Legion meeting. I took this opportunity to visit some of the praesidia (groups) having meeting at the same time.

Linda and Peter hosted us to a simple supper to bid us goodbye ... we are leaving for home the next day.

(More pictures in Facebook)

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