Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sibu 4 诗巫

Food and friends characterized our trip to Kapit.

We went for breakfast at about 8:30 am today at a coffee shop owned by a parishioner Mr. Sng.

He generously "belanja"(treat) us a free breakfast - food and drink .... and specialty of Kapit - wild boar meat !

With grateful heart, we said goodbye to Fr. Fabian, Bro. George, a Mill Hill seminarian from Kenya who is doing a 2-yr pastoral training in Kapit.

Bro David and John (Ah Siang)  2 local parishioners,  brought us walk around the town, which is rather small and the center of activities - the market.
At 9:30 am, we boarded an express boat for Sibu.

Upon arrival, we went straight to a restaurant for lunch hosted by Alice parents Theresa and Simon,  and Fr. Tham.

We were happy to meet Fr. David Ho, the Parish Priest of Mary Immaculate Conception Kapit, who came to Sibu on Friday.

At night, we attended the Rajang area combined Christian choirs fellowship concert. It featured 12 groups from various churches in Sibu including the Catholic church which was represented by the choir from The Sacred Hearth Cathedral. (See video of their presentation on Youtube)

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早上八点半,我们到教友孙兄弟的咖啡店用早餐 。。。慷慨的店主孙兄弟请客。除了咖啡茶及面食之外,还特地请我们尝尝当地的山猪肉!

怀着感恩及感谢之心,我们向江神父及佐治修士告别。佐治修士来自非洲的肯亚,属于英国Mill Hill 修会,到这里做两年的牧灵实习。

大卫及阿祥,加帛的两位教友兄弟,带来我们逛逛加帛市区及居民的活动中心 -菜市场。



很高兴的见到了加帛教堂的主任何神父( Fr. David Ho )。他是在上个星期回到诗巫,他的家乡。


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