Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My parents-in-law 我的岳父母

They eat everything, cold & hot 他们冷或热,什么都吃(4/9/2012 JB)
At Simpang Pertang Sanctuary (29/8/2012)

 Few days after returning from our Europe holidays, my mother-in-law came to stay with us.

She was coughing badly thus needed medical treatment. My father-in-law came up from Johor Baru to be with us two weeks later.

After medication, the infection was cleared and her cough stopped.

This was the longest period my parents-in-law have been staying with us, and it was quite an enjoyable time we have.

On Monday, September 3, my wife and I drove to send them back to their Johor Baru home.

My mother-in-law is back to herself after coughing for months --- inquisitive and chatty ! (see old post Celebrations)

However, age catches up on her. She is no longer that energetic, memory is receding ... signs of old age has become more obvious ... but thank God, she is healthy, no hypertension, no diabetes, hearth is good, and most important of all, very good appetite!

My father-in-law is a man not very good with words.

Considering being 85 year-old man, he is in great shape. No medical condition, can read newspaper  without the aid of reading glass (a little squinting of eyes at times). He will not hesitate to climb a 10 feet ladder up to his roof-level storeroom, hesitating only when our warning to him not to climb flashes across his mind.

He is well-loved by all his children and grandchild. He is very accomodating when in the company of his children and grandchildren.

He asks not many questions, making little demands. He is very sporting .. going along with others even though some activities or places are not his liking .... These good quality is endearing his children and grandchildren.

My parents in law are two different character. My mother-in-law is outgoing, socialable; my father-in-law is introvert and has no many friends.

They clash and argue. However, God said they are meant for each other and has been since stuck with each other for the past 61 years!

When an argument is settled by the children, both of them will say in unison:
" OK lah, I will listen to what your all said lah"
" .... I will say less lah"
" .... I will not interfere lah"
".... I will do as your all said lah"F

But when we are not around, history repeats itself ...

This is life man !  A blessed and blissful life of two simple people who brought up good children and grandchildren, what more you want to ask for?!!

I keep my mouth shut 我闭上嘴巴
I don't want to see 吾不欲观之
You don't believe, take picture as proof lah !你不相信?拍照为证啦!

I better eat my dao-sua (green pea soup) 我还是吃我的绿豆线






我的岳母在咳嗽了好几个月后,现在痊愈了,当然就会的老样子 - 好谈及好奇(说多多,问多多)。( 看旧帖子『欢庆』 )




他受到孩子及孙子们的爱戴。他非常的将就大家,不会问很多问题,也不会做出不合理的要求。他除了能够将就大家,也非常的随性。。。他会跟着大家的意愿,包括去一些不是很喜欢去的地方,或一些不是喜欢的活动 。。。这是他受到孩子及孙子亲近的原因。

我的岳父母两人其实是有着相对的性格。岳母是好动,外向,而岳父则是内向及不善交往的人,所以会有争执,火星撞地球的事,也时有发生。但天主说: "你们是天作之合"。就这样,他们俩就相依相偎了六十一年了!!

“ 我就说少一些吧。。”
“ 我不再干涉了。。”
“ 我就照你们所说的去做吧。。”



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