Thursday, January 29, 2009

Celebrations 庆祝

We spent four days in Johor Baru, by far the longest for a Chinese New Year.

It was a celebration of Chinese New Year, and also a celebration of our parents (in-law). We gave thanks to God for giving us healthy, lovely and caring parents (in-law).

My mother-in-law (76) is most probably the best story teller in town and live-wire of any conversation. Her lively, animated and action-packed way of sharing tales always put us laughing in stitches.

My father-in-law (82) is healthy and hard-working. All house utensils and cooking wares are spotlessly clean because of his "high standard" and "powerful" cleaning regime.

They are always happy to see children home and we enjoy their company too. They get along well with grandchildren too.

Be appreciative of God's Providence and dividend. We will try to spend more time with our old folks whenever we can.

The efficient worker

I eating eating, you rubbing rubbing (table)...diturbing only....cannot wait meh!


我们不只到新山欢庆农历新年,也是庆祝我们的父母(岳父母)。我们感谢天主赐给我们健康 、可爱及富爱心的父母(岳父母)。


我的岳父今年已是八十二岁了,他还很健康而且非常好动。所有的家里用具 、厨房物件都给他非常依照本身的“高水准”及“用力”的照顾的的尘不染,清洁闪亮。



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Pauline said...

Mum and dad are at times the most comical persons on earth. Bearing in mind their age, I can't expect anything more. They are healthy and can still take care of each other. Of course, they do have their squabbles. Tell me who doesn't have??