Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cameron Highlands 金马伦高原

Friday, January 2013.

It was raining when we arrived at about 2:30 pm.

Cameron Highlands has changed quite a bit since our last visit about one and a half year ago.

Soil erosion, felling of trees and flattening of hills for more agriculture lands and houses, more shops and stalls selling food and local produces.

It was not a weekend, but we found the town's traffic chaotic, the place dusty.

We were with Karen, my wife's old friend, and Agnes our housemaid to Cameron for a two day-one night holiday. 

Besides a little bit of driving around to show first timer Agnes the places, we spent most of our time at Mr. Heng's vegetable farm and his cousin's flower farm in Kampong Rajah, about 30 kms from Brinchang, the tourist town.

Mr. and Mrs Heng are old friends of Karen. 

They are very friendly and generous couple. Besides treating us lunch, they also loaded our van with their gifts of vegetables, sweet corns, cherry tomatoes and flowers !

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泥土流失;砍伐树木,山丘被铲平, 开发更多的耕地及建筑更多的屋子;更多的商店及摊档,售卖食物和土产。



除了开车给Agnes 观看金马崙的一些景观,我们大部分时间都在王先生在Kampong Rajah的菜园及他们亲戚的花园渡过。



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