Thursday, January 17, 2013

蜜糖与毒药 Honey and poison

I enjoyed reading Marina Mahathir's [ Musings] column in The Star. Her views are moderate, straight forward and broad in depth.

She is the eldest daughter of former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad. She is a social activist and has been involved in many social NGOs such as Malaysia Aids Council, Malaysia Aids Foundation. 

She has been writing for The Star for more than 20 years.

Her column highlighted many social and political ills of Malaysia, and offered suggestions and recommendations for building a harmony, unity and just country.

我喜欢阅读玛莉娜马哈迪在英文【星报】的专栏Musings (沉默思维)。她的论点中肯,直率及包含广阔深度。





To her opposite, Joceline Tan (right) is writing on her weekly political column [Joceline Tan] mainly on sowing disunity and hatred, highlighting issues on the Oppositions, especially DAP, the main opposition party that control the State of Penang.

Her relentless attacks on Lim Guan Ying, Anwar Ibrahim, DAP, PAS seems to have reached "below the belt" and personal level for the past 20 months in view of the roaming 13th General Election.

Her writings has earned her many titles: "Journalistic whore", " poison tongue woman"...

Her column is nothing but poison !

*** Honey and Poison is an article written by Joceline Tan, attacking Anwar Ibrahim.

与玛丽娜刚好相反的,则是另一位同样是【星报】的专栏作者Joceline Tan。 她的每周政治评论专栏里,散播的是仇恨及分裂的种子。她的攻击对象是反对党阵线,特别是掌管槟城的民主行动党,手法则是挑出各种大及小的议题,把它们放大,给予非常狠毒的攻击。



她的行为,为她赢得了许多称号,如 “新闻从业妓女”, “毒舌妇”。。。


** 蜜糖与毒药,是她的专栏一个题目,攻击安华而写。

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