Saturday, January 19, 2013

No face 颜脸无光

Chua Soi Lek, the President of MCA (Malaysia Chinese Association, coalition partner of ruling Barisan National Coalition ) is a frustrated man. He is so helpless and incapacitated by the current volatile situation of the country, his party is loosing support by the days. Surely, he is not a popular man in the country or within his own party either.

He is a sitting duck. And what a sitting duck can do is ... get hit and just yell quack quack quack !

He is making comment after comment, statement after statement, but no action, or rather inaction.

And he is obsessed with Opposition leaders Lim Guan Eng, Anwar.... His focus is just picking on them, even on trivial and personal issues.

Poor Chua, more salt is being rubbed into his wound.

Recently, an unresolved issue that MCA has been struggling to settle for the past decades, was resolved by an outsider (organisation) in a half-hour meeting with the Prime Minister Najib. All MCA and Chua, and MCA Deputy Education Minister could do is ... bang balls !! 

Issue at hand is the demand by the Chinese community for the government to recognise the private schools Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) which is recognised and accepted by more than 500 universities in the world, of which more 82 are world top 200 universities, but not by Malaysia government!

A delegation from The Federation of Chinese Associations Malaysia, led by its ambitious Chairman Fang Tian xing (pic right ), met the Prime Minister on 16/1/2013 to discuss various issues faced by the Chinese community, including UEC, allocation for Chinese schools, shortage of Chinese schools and teachers ....

Private Chinese secondary students can opt to sit for government SPM (Malaysia Education Certificate) and / or the private UEC. However, UEC is not accepted for entry into local universities.

After the meeting, it was announced that the Prime Minister has in concept, to recognise the UEC on 2 conditions ...  This was already a positive news from the government to the community which has been waiting for past many decades!

A long time educational issue which is very important to the Chinese community, was resolved by the Federation in just half an hour ...

MCA Deputy Minister of Education Wee Ka Siong and President Chua Soi Lek ... where to put your faces !!!

No wonder, this news was not even mentioned by The Star, the biggest circulation mainstream English newspaper owned by MCA, but making headlines in all major Chinese newspapers.

Is MCA still relevant ?


















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