Thursday, January 31, 2013

Grape farm 葡萄园

Pak Yusof (center)

An outing for 3 young-at-heart.

Pak Yusof, 65, my neighbour 2 doors away, invited me and his friend Taurik for an outing to a grape farm in Sendayan, Negri Sermban.

Sendayan is a small rural town surrounded by rubber and oil palm plantations, about 20 kms from Port Dickson and 55 kms from Kajang.

It is called Sendayan valley grapes and fruits Farm covering an area of about 50 hectres. According to its website, it is supposed to be a agro-tourism park showcasing latest technologies of grape growing from Thailand.

It is a joint venture founded in 2008 with the state government and supported by The Ministry of Finance.(My understanding of 'support' means financial support)

Understanding its background, I am not surprise at all to see a farm with no visitors, rundown empty reception area and harvest-less fruit farm...

However, the farm and plants are quite well maintained with about 7 workers. There are 4 University ITM farm Management Course students doing practical training in the farm. 

Pak Yusof, a grape planting enthusiast, picked up some tips from the workers and the students. He has planted 3 grapevines in his home compound.

It was a great learning experience for me and was happy with the trip.

(Facebook pictures)


我的隔两家邻居尤索夫(Pak Yusof ),约了我及他的另一位朋友,去游览坐落在森美兰州,三达扬镇的一座葡萄园。这葡萄园离开加影大约55公里,波德申则是20公里。

这座葡萄园的正确名称为『三达扬谷葡萄及果园』 ,面积大约50公顷。







这是我一个很好的学习体验,也很满意这次的活动。 (面子书Facebook 照片)

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