Thursday, January 31, 2013

Surprise meeting 不期而遇

In transit.

Joseph from Sibu, Sarawak arrived this morning. He went to Putrajaya Home Affair Ministry for some traveling business. He will leave for Kuala Lumpur tomorrow morning.

Anslem and Anthony from Melaka arrived at my house this afternoon. Anthony is accompanying
Anslem for his medical appointment at Serdang Hospital early morning tomorrow.

They were surprised for this unplanned meeting in Kajang ....

We celebrated this rare occasion of old friends getting together by ... eating Kajang famous DA PAU !!!

Left: Anslem, Anthony and Joseph 左起:培明,安东尼及禄声

诗巫的黄禄声,在今天早晨 9:35 抵达。他是去布城的内政部办理一些旅游事务。明早他将前往吉隆坡。



我们以 。。。吃大包来欢庆这次的天主巧妙安排!

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